You Can Become a Lobster Chef in 12 Minutes!

Ever since we first started serving lobster our customers have been asking us how to perfectly boil or steam their live lobsters. We quickly realized that many people don't know how to cook live lobsters and decided we should help! 

Cooking and handling a live lobster is part of the fun of our unique process! We offer fresh locally caught Atlantic lobster (1 lb or 2 lb) and explain the best cooking techniques for your meal that you can eat-in or take-out.

Within a year
our company's popularity has risen by 100%.

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We are very proud to be the only exclusive mobile Lobster Vendor in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia and the Maritimes! We love teaching our customers about how to cook lobster and are always happy to talk about our quaint fishing village with the most famous Lighthouse in Canada.

Peter Richardson